Technology for green hydrogen

Hydrogen generators based on proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology are used as the basis for generating the Norsk H2 green hydrogen. The systems developed and tested are based on many years of experience in the production and distribution of PEM water electrolysis systems.

The primary goal in the development process was to ensure the reliability, modularity and cost-effectiveness of the systems.
On this basis large amounts of electrical energy can be converted by the decomposition of water into hydrogen and oxygen. They can be stored and distributed in the form of hydrogen by suitable storage technologies.

Green hydrogen from Suldal Norway

Suldal is a part of the the Ryfylke region in South Norway. This region is one of the most important energy centers for the Norwegian economy. The expansion of hydroelectric power stations in this region has been pushed since the 1960s and, today, Suldal is one of Norway‘s largest energy producers. The amount of total production in Norway is 8%. The support of the local community in Suldal was an important factor in the realization of the green hydrogen concept of Norsk H2. The Suldal hydroelectric power station supplies sustainable green electricity, which is produced according to the strict Norwegian environmental regulations..